Apr 5, 2011

MTV The Seven Interviews Rob & Reese

Reese talks about when the zebras broke loose and Rob ran in one direction and she had to hide behind Christoph. Reese talks about the two of them being bad dancers.  Rob on shooting the love scene while being very sick with a cold.

Rob on backlash bec his WFE character name, Jacob fans "they're all morons" lol. Rob talks about the leaks, "stupid, idiot" and the paparazzi "the red mist descends".  Also, Rob talks about end of Twilight - on wearing his vamp contact lenses "no more burning sands in your eyes". Rob talks about the only wedding he attended. lol. "No lovey-dovey stuff"- he wants it as funny as it can possibly be, like 'stand-up comedy'. Oh Rob! lol

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RPLife | Robstenation

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