Apr 18, 2011

Rob & Kristen Leaving The WFE Premiere




aliceinnyc At the #WFE after party. Swank. TomStu just walked in. My champagne is delicious. I'm upstairs and can see Rob. He's eating with his family downstairs. Stop asking for pictures. That's creepy and disrespectful.KStew looks flawless. She's behind me chatting with someone. FLAWLESS. No one is allowed near either of them. Merely feet away and yet completely unattainable. same dress & sneakers. If you find out where the after party is and come here you will be left 20+ feet away behind a barricade since there is a private driveway. Just spoke to someone who said Fox NEVER promised anything and that fans CHOSE to sit outside in the rain. RPatts just walked by us again. I die. Tried to take vid of RPattz walking back to his table since it wasn't a "private" moment but it's super dark. Sorry kids. Reese Witherspoon just left. Sweetest little thing! FYI I tweeted earlier that TomStu got here but someone else saw him, not me. Realized I haven't seen him w/ my own eyes all night. Have seen Sam tho. Haven't seen TomStu. RPattz drinking a beer. GASP!!!! Rob & family getting ready to leave. Rob & Kristen just left holding hands. I got video. You can see Rob, & you can see Kristen's dress but not her face. But they are holding hands. I will upload video tomorrow. It is not good video but I watched it on my cam and can see hand-holding.

PirateStew She left in heels. Arm in arm w/ R. It was beyond adorable!!!!!
julyfarnesi Kristen family is there as well. Fepattz
yellowhyacinth SHE LOOKED PERECT. They ran out together. So cute
cybermelli K and r just left theater. Back exit. Touching. Both looked exquisite. My vid may have fucked up. @epnebelle has a good one! Sam just left with tom. Diff car from rk
Petegirlmom Just saw Rob and Kristen leave! They were holding hands!!!!!!!! We have video
CourtJustice CONFIRMED: Kristen Stewart wore a bodycon draped dress w/sweetheart neck from @J_Mendel SS11 at the #WFE premiere [Pic of the dress HERE]
Beau_Nelson Just did Kristen Stewart for the Water For Elephants Premier. She looks stunning in J. Mendel with a dark burgundy lip! I did use a touch of creme blush, but it was very subtle. It was a rosy nude shade.

Videos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | via RPLife

Pic source 1 | 2 | via Robstenation

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