Nov 30, 2011

New Pictures of Rob Arriving in LA (November 29th)

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'Breaking Dawn' Production Designer Richard Sherman Talks About Rob, Kristen and Taylor


AD: What was it like on the set?
RS: Everyone had a good time. The three main actors are all very fun to work with. Kristen is quite serious. Rob and Taylor are a little bit wild. Rob and Kristen are actually a couple in real life. When he’s with her, he’s a little more restrained. When she’s not around, like most guys when their wives or girlfriends aren’t around, he’s a little looser. Taylor’s a kid—he’s 19—so he was bouncing all over the place.

Read the full interview at Architectural Digest | Via: @1chicklette @KStewDevotee & RPLife

Carolina Herrera Interview on Designing Bella’s Wedding Gown with International Herald Tribune/NYTimes

Source: NYTimes | Via: KStewartnews & TeamKristenSite

New 'Breaking Dawn' Edward & Bella Stills


ImageBam image upload ImageBam image upload

Breaking Dawn Costume Designer Michael Wilkinson Talks BD, Rob and Kristen

The most critical element with this movie is, of course, the wedding (*spoiler alert* though, ed note: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT TWICE ALREADY?), and this was misleading in the previews but there’s a dream sequence wedding and a real wedding. How did you delineate the two dresses from each other?
The script gave us a great opportunity to get inside Bella’s thoughts about the impending wedding. There’s a nightmare wedding and her perfect wedding. For the nightmare, we chose something that was a version of the dress that she would hate to wear. Something that’s uncomfortable and a dress Bella would be embarrassed in. It was stiff and had a boned bodice that showed a lot of bare skin which she’d be horrified by because she’s a bit of a tomboy.

There’s nothing very girly about her style so we had a huge, cumbersome, puffy skirt. We just tried to picture everything she’d find difficult to deal with and import that into a dress.

The real dress fit Bella like a second skin and I was really glad about how all that worked out. It reflects her simplicity and elegance. It’s not too girly, I thought it really hit the right note of having some vintage elements while working well for a modern woman.

That dress was stunning. I went to the midnight screening and it was an entire theater filled to the gills with girls sighing in unison. The lace panel in the back with hundreds of covered buttons, we all swooned.
That’s the great thing about Kristen, she has such an amazing physique so we thought the best thing to do was to show that. The dress really reveals curves and highlights each part of her shape but it’s all covered up and so we thought it was sexy but completely elegant.

2 New Interviews of Rob from the Stockholm Press Junket

Danmark Politiken TV

Danmark Berlingske TV

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Nov 29, 2011

New Pictures of Rob & Kristen in London (November 29th)

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Peek of Rob Presenting at the Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards

Around 1:04 mark

Viggo Mortesen Mentions Kristen


BuzzSugar: One of your next films coming out is On the Road. How was it filming that movie with Kirsten Dunst, Kristen Stewart, and Tom Sturridge?

Viggo Mortensen: Of the three actors you mention, I only worked with Kristen Stewart, who did a great job with her character from what I could see. Walter Salles, the director, has a light touch and is very kind, extremely intelligent, and very helpful with the actors. Great crew on that shoot. The images I have seen are strikingly beautiful; they really capture post-WW2 USA landscapes, people.

Rob Ranks #3 - UK Heat Mag's Richest Entertainers Under 30

loading“Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe on Tuesday topped a Heat Magazine list of the richest, young British entertainers, retaining his No. 1 position in the ranking of people under 30-years-old.

Robert Pattinson, lead actor of the rival fantasy film franchise “Twilight,” moved up to third from fifth and leapfrogged two of Radcliffe’s Potter co-stars, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, according to the celebrity magazine. 

Actress Keira Knightley, who starred in several of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, remained second on the chart, while singer Adele was the highest new entry at 16.

Radcliffe, 22, who played the boy wizard in the movie adaptations of J.K. Rowling’s bestselling novels, earned 51.8 million pounds over his career, according to Heat estimates. The actor’s earnings for 2011 were 6.1 million pounds higher than in 2010.

Knightley’s earnings totalled 30.9 million pounds, ahead of Pattinson on 24.9 million, Watson on 23.9 million and Grint on 21.7 million.

Source: Reuters | Via: SpunkRansom & RobStenation

Sneak Peek: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (The Score Music By Carter Burwell)

Available to pre-order now.

Amazon US:
  • CD (December 12, 2011)
  • iTunes (December 6, 2011)

Amazon UK:
  • CD (December 5, 2011)

Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Bill Condon's Interview with Screengeek (UK Premiere)

Youtube: PattyStewBoneCity | Via: gossipdance & RPLife

New Pictures of Rob in London (November 28th)

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Rob, Kristen and Taylor's Interview with Polsat at the UK Premiere

I: How do you cope with such popularity when thousands of people are screaming your name?
Rob: It's nice, but it's part of our job. Besides premieres and promo time it's quite calm, we can live our normal lives.

I: Did you expect that this film would be a huge success all over the world?
Rob: Not at all. The first film had a really low budget, it was an indie, nobody expected this craziness. Then it exploded. In two weeks our lives changed so much.

I: Everything that happened next was a surprise for you?
Rob: Yeah, totally.

Taylor: It's so wonderful to meet this family - my mates from set and the fans.

I: It's nearly the end of the saga. Are you happy or will you miss Bella?
Kristen: Well, I feel really lucky and I have no regrets. Sometimes it's hard to leave something behind if you're part of it for such a long time.
I love this set, I love the memories. I'd like to have an open door and see a light there to be able to reminisce this adventure back.

Taylor: It's cool that we, actors, can start to make other movies now. But I'll miss this.

I: What will you miss the most?
Taylor: We got along with each other. I treat this crew like my family. The saga brought so much joy to us.

Kristen: Special greetings for you. I hope you'll enjoy the film.
Taylor: Thank you so much and have fun watching Breaking Dawn.

Translation: @lalaith466 | Via: RobStenation RPLife & KStewartnews 

Kristen's British GQ Photos Now in HQ



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Nov 28, 2011

Box Office Numbers of "Breaking Dawn" for Germany & Switzerland

Box Office numbers of Breaking Dawn Part 1 for last weekend (i.e. Nov. 24th - Nov. 27th) for

Germany: approx. 1,050,000 people
Switzerland: 163,970 people

Note that this was the opening weekend in those two countries.
(Plus, Germany had multiple special screenings in advance of the domestic release)

US: $221,300,000
Worldwide: $489,300,000

Update (Dec. 4th)

Germany: 2,292,309 people
Switzerland: 236,996 people
(in both countries in theatres for 2 weeks now)

US: $247,300,000
Worldwide: $588,300,000

Rob and Kristen's Interview with Tribute (Canada)

 Or watch it here

Or watch it here

Carolina Herrera Talks Kristen and Bella's Wedding Gown with Brides Magazine

For months we were help in suspense waiting to find out what the Twilight wedding dress would look like – and we’ve finally seen the dress, and can now even buy the Alfred Angelo replica. But what was it like to land the coveted role of designing The Dress? And what was it like working with Kristen Stewart?

“In the initial fitting when Kristen put the dress on and looked in the mirror, she was very moved,” Carolina Herrera told Vogue in an interview. “In that moment she was not an actress or a character in a film, she was a bride, and a happy one at that. It is always very important to make the bride happy, of course, and in this case I was delighted to do so. It was a very special moment for both Kristen and the character of Bella to share.”
“I was of course inspired by Stephenie’s description of the gown in the book, but I added the touch of Herrera and also took into consideration the personality and the style of the bride,” said Herrera. “A wedding dress is both an intimate and personal for a woman – it must reflect the personality and style of the bride. Bella’s dress is romantic and filled with a timeless sophistication, very similar to the character. In a way, this dress served as a symbol of the character’s coming of age and introduction into womanhood.”
“It is always a unique process to design a wedding because every bride is different; the dress always has to be special because it is the most important day in the life of a woman. I tried doing that with this dress, but this one of course is totally different because at the end it’s a film – a cultural phenomenon. Millions of people are going to watch and it had to be precise.”
Herrera is known for her feminine classic wedding gowns and designed Renee Zellweger and Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks’ gowns.
The Twilight gown – a handmade demure, floor-length style with a Bardot neckline and short train – is available to buy from Herrera boutiques in New York, Los Angeles, Bal Harbour and Dallas from January 2012.

The Making of Bella's Gown + Interview with Carolina Herrera

2 'Breaking Dawn' Edward and Bella Stills Now in HQ

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Rob's New Interview with EspectacularTV

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Charlize Theron Talks About Her Upcoming Showdown with Kristen

"I'm still shooting ['Huntsman'], I'm going back in two days," Theron told us as she promoted the comedy "Young Adult." "I haven't really worked with [Kristen]. I've done some small things with her, but we're about to shoot our big showdown, and fingers crossed for me. It's the big battle. I'm just really, really, really hoping I get to kill her," she said with a smile. "That is how the story ends up, right?"

Source: MTVNews | Via: FierceBitchStew

Jamie Campbell Bower Talks About Rob and Kristen

loadingHowever, since joining the Twilight franchise, Jamie has been able to absorb lessons on handling the spotlight from watching Pattinson and co-star Kristen Stewart.

"They're both incredible actors, and Kristen's someone I've admired since I first saw her in Panic Room," said Jamie.

"Rob is now someone who has mutual friends of mine, so it's nice to be able to work with people you can get along with."

Read the full interview at DailyRecordUK

Taylor Talks About His Friendship with Kristen

Rob and Bill Condon Interviews with Pacific Rim

Bill Condon's Interview with Bravo (Berlin Press Junket)

Source: BravoTV | Via: KStewAngel & RobStenation

Rob's Interview with IGN

Rob's interview at 3:37

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Rob and Kristen's Interview with VTV1 (Vietnam)

Youtube: SpunkRansom | Via: RobStenation

New Edward and Bella Wedding Stills


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Nov 27, 2011

Rob's Interview with Mä from Berlin Press Junket

"I'm a big fan of Kristen, and I was before [Twilight]" | RPLife | YouTube and Translation via RobstenLustCom | via Robstenation

Eddie Redmayne Says Rob is a Great Singer

Rob's Interview with RTL (Berlin Press Junket)

Via: @Ailana169 & RPLife

Rob's New Interview from the Paris Press Junket

Because of Twilight, you became a huge movie star. Do you get use to the fame, to the screaming fans, and so on ...?
Rob: Yeah, you get used to it a bot. When I was younger, the first times it happened to me, I felt unsettled. But now, especially when it comes to the screaming fans who used to terrified me, it happens so often that, it's part of my job. You know it's not because of me. When I wake up like ... I know it's the character they fantasizes about. It's a thing they've created in their own heads.
So, it's an interesting thing, you get completely detach from it.

You're almost done with Twilight, how did you feet the last day on set?
Rob: We shot Breaking Dawn for 10 months, when we finally finished, it was so cold and it was raining. We were shooting at night for weeks; so when we were done, I ran away, like, 'Oh okay, it's over *runs away*' 

No crying?
Rob: Yeah, no, I don't think so. I think when Kristen and I were finally done, we had additional shooting to do after in the Carribeans. It was so nice that maybe I felt like crying on that one.

After 3 movies, Bella and Edward, your characters, get married and finally have sex. Were you prepared for that scene?
Rob: Umm I was definitely nervous about it. It just feels ridiculous, cause also we were doing it for a PG-13 movie so they had all these crazy notes. 'You can't thrust this hard. Stop thrusting so hard!' What am I supposed to do then. 'You can't move!'So, yeah, it was kind of fun. It was just very strange.

Are you comfortable with nude scenes, because there are some in the movie? Just a little, it's not a porno, of course.
Rob: I guess I'm comfortable with it. It depends on the environment. It's weird because you know you're being filmed and whoever wants to watch it, will be able to. But when you're on set, you feel like you're in the most secure place in the world. I mean, I feel more secure on set than in my hotel room. So, yeah, I've never really felt that uncomfortable with it. 

You drink blood in the movie, Bella does too. What was it made out of? What did it taste like? Was it good?
Rob: It actually is. It's sort of a syrup. It's like a dyed red corn syrup, it's really sweet. I actually do 'drink it). So, when you have it around your mouth, every single person ends up licking their lips, which is ironic. 

Are you afraid to leave Edward?
Rob: Not really. If there was another book in the series, I would be extremely interested to see where Stephenie Meyers would have taken the character. Because with this series, the last book closes the characters' stories. I mean, it's basically a story about someone who made peace with himself, in the fourth book he found peace with himself; if you'd do another book after that, it can only be boring. 

And if there was one, would you do it?
Rob: If it's a good story but I think I would be too old. I don't know how much longer I can play 17 for.

Via: @Ailana169 & RPLife

New Interview of Rob with Europapress at the Barcelona Premiere

Short video inside the theater

Sources: patty3Xonly & spark952 | Via: RPLife

Rob and Kristen's Interview with IMDB

Youtube: RPLife

Youtube: MrLalapie03

New Fan Pictures from the Breaking Dawn Set (March 2011)



Tamara won a Breaking Dawn set visit from Bravo (Germany). She posted a few pictures with Rob, Kristen, some set photos and her autographs. According to the video she visited Vancouver in March 2011 and the set on March 4th, 2011. Watch the video for all pictures

Via: RPLife
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