May 31, 2011

New/Old Photo of Rob with Mitt Romney


This picture was taken last March 2010 when Rob & Emilie were on "The View" to promote "Remember Me"

More New Pictures of Rob on Set of Cosmopolis (May 31, 2011) + Fan Pictures

HQ Pics (Click for Bigger) 

Fan Pictures:
From mrwillw - Click here to read his report of the day

From offline82

OMG I just got an autograph and picture with Rob!!!!!! nicest man ever!!!! he only had time for one group picture...he was so sweet!!

I asked Rob if he was going to the MTV movie awards and he said " I think so, yeah" so keep voting everyone!!

Dean said he didn't have time for photos, but Rob said he had time for one! SO SWEET!! So we took a group picture! I live a few blocks from the filming location! and there were only about 8 of us there. we apologized for bothering him and he kept saying "no problem, it's okay". he is soooo nice and really skinny! but not as tall as i thought he would be

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