Apr 24, 2011

Set Report from the Virgin Islands - Breaking Dawn reshoots

From Honeybee2014: Breaking Dawn reshoots apparently ended at 6 am this morning(April 23rd). R and K to a flight back home im the morning
@tashpalo RUMOR my ass. i was there! this is a blurry pic of the set they used for filming in the water http://plixi.com/p/95319621 (picture below)
@tashpalo I didn't see them unfortunately, but the set was still there. im sorry 4 the bad quality pics http://plixi.com/p/95324712. Spoke to an unfriendly guy who was working there and he said they were there all night and left at 6 am.
"Magen Bay at St. Thomas ...bliss .."

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