Apr 28, 2011

Videos: "Water For Elephants" Premiere in Berlin (Translated Interviews)

Press Conference

They counted how many times Rob played with his hair during press con (9 times according to this video) and let him say "Water for Elephants" in German, cute!

Check out more interviews on the red carpet, the press junket and inside the theatre after the jump!

(next 4 videos in English! Not dubbed)
At 7:25:
Q: "Which souvenir from Berlin will you bring home for Kristen?"
Rob: "I've been given this little bear thing, I don't know what it actually is...she can have that if she wants it."

Press Junket

(being adorable in a not dubbed video)


Looking a little bit as if he hasn't had enough sleep, but being very cheerful, he talks about his new movie and Berlin.
On Berlin:
 "I love Berlin. I was 19 when I was here the last time and it's been one of the best holidays of my life. I'd also like to do something today if time allows it. Yesterday I diddn't do anything, I slept the entire day."
 Why Jacob's role attracted him:
"Jacob is my age and knows excatly who he is and what he wants to do with his life. But I feel like I don't know myself at all at 24."
On quitting acting:
"After every movie I think about quit acting. I've just wrapped the last Twilight movie and I'll start filming another movie just after this press tour. As soon as I wrap a movie I think 'Why do I always film another movie just after I've wrapped the last one? That's crazy'. But now I'm really looking forward to the next shooting. Towards the end I always think I don't have enough energy for the next movie, but suddenly it comes all back as soon as I wrapped the last one."
 On jumping on trains:
"I'd quite like to jump on a train which ends up in the Maledives. I'd just lay on the beach and do nothing. All I need is a pizzeria and a beach bar next door." (laughs)
On the Royal Wedding:
"I am a little bit offended that I wasn't invited. I think it's a beautiful event. I understand why everyone kinda projecs their fantasies on to it, it does seem like a fairytale that becomes true."

Adorable Interview with M├Ądchen.de (with German subtitles)

source | Via

Red Carpet Coverage

At 0:22: "Where's your girlfriend?" - "Oh, she's back in LA!" ;)

Youtube: veronicaspuffy and ToR | Via RobertoStew |ZDF: chrisze at Pattinsonlife

Inside the theatre:

(next two videos are not dubbed!)

A big thanks to the ladies at RPLife for collecting all those vids!

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