Apr 29, 2011

New Rob Interview With Bild.de (Germany)


Fate has bitten him. He is askew beautiful. Sleepy eyes. Angular head. Tousled hair. Stubble vampire-beard. Living lips. An innocent, shy, romantic smile. Perfect?!
Robert Pattinson (24, “ Twilight ”saga), the man with whom every woman wants to have breakfast. A mix of Hugh Grant, James Dean, and Jesus Christ beer-drinking vampire.

Hotel de Rome. Roof terrace. Bodyguard. Assistants – and “BILD”. He is tall, shy, open, relaxed, friendly, humble, loves to laugh and has a warm, careful voice. He drinks Coke.

He is wearing an outfit of “Hugo Boss”: “It was hanging as a gift in my suite – and my clothes were dirty.”

BILD: Describe yourself?
“I do not even know who I am. Earlier, before I became famous, it was easy. Now it’s hard. If you always have to talk about yourself, your character is exhausted. I am me.“

He came with Air Berlin from the Caribbean – no private jet. He travels with hand luggage: backpack, bag and guitar. He smokes, is allergic to hashish, and earned 27 million dollars last year. His life is dream and nightmare.

“I’m afraid to buy a house because then it would be besieged.” His success is his prison, he is on the run – from millions of fans.

His latest film “Water for Elephants” is a true mirror of his soul (last premiere in Berlin, Germany). Story: A young vet loses everything. He jumps on a circus train – and will grow up painfully. His love Reese Witherspoon. His opponent: Christoph Waltz!

A kind of “Gone with the Wind” on rails: “I felt so comfortable in the movie, because I could be me. I had little dialogue – but much to respond to. I felt almost naked, mentally.“

BILD: How do you live?
“I wake up and fall asleep. My most important friend is my alarm clock. I read books on my Kindle and my iPad2 “

BILD: Do you believe in fate?
“I think I do already, makes everything easier – you can do what you want.”

BILD: What does happiness mean to you?
“Simple things. I’m easy to make happy. A pizza and a sixpack of beer are enough.“

BILD: What is your most important possession?
“I do not own anything. I'm always carrying my Gibson electric guitar from 1963 with me. I love to lose my phone. Then you are so free! “ 
BILD: No vice?
“Sometimes I am obsessed. I hoard and collect things – but I don’t have a house. I put everything in storage houses. “

Oscar-Star Christoph Waltz comes.

BILD: What makes Rob unique?
“You only need to look at him“director Francis Lawrence laughs:” He has a secret, something magnetic. Only a camera can detect it and there are people who shine suddenly.” Robert Pattinson laughs – about himself.

BILD: Are you single or in love?
He laughs even more. His big blue eyes look at me. His teeth dazzle: “Well, yes, I am single but I am also in love.”

BILD: With whom?
He laughs, I laugh, we laugh, “Sometimes I feel like a native in the jungle. Such a question is like a photo of your soul. I will not have my soul be taken away/ stolen“

Take it with a grain of salt, as "Bild" is known for inventing fake quotes.

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