Jun 22, 2012

Kristen and Chris Interview with Take40/Hot Hits and Marc Fennell

The Hot Hits/Take40

 Take40 Kristen plays the leading character, and revealed of the modern interpretation: "The coolest thing about it is that she is very much what you'd imagine Snow White to be...She's very pure, she's got this connection to the earth, she's very compassionate and all that." "But it's not fake, she doesn't have a super power."

 Chris Hemsworth also had some interesting tidbits to share about his involvement in the film, including the admission that he loved singing Enya on set! "Maybe I liked a bit of Enya," he revealed to the Take 40 team. "My whole thing was this reminds me of Lord Of The Rings... we need some Enya... so I may have sung Enya through the shoot a bit."

 We wish he would sing Enya to us! Kristen added sarcastically "(He sang) just a couple of times... it memorable for me, obviously."

MarcFennell Interview: 

Youtube: beautifulrk

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