Jun 20, 2012

Kristen and Chris' Interview With MTV Australia

  MTV  In an exclusive chat with MTV Australia at the Sydney premiere of the fairytale remake, the actress said of Rob joining her for a follow-up flick, “Oh absolutely! Rob’s invited to be on our cast. Definitely!” 

 But, it looks like R-Patz could have a bit of a battle on his hands for his leading lady’s affections… Kristen’s ‘Snow White’ love interest Chris Hemsworth, who plays the part of the Huntsman in the Disney adaptation, told us he’s also up for part 2. “I don’t know if it’s officially going ahead, but there’s definitely talk of [a sequel].There seems to be a great interest in this, so definitely if there’s another great script and the same cast then for sure!” 

 And luckily for Kristen, Chris (and possibly Rob), the movie’s director Rupert Sanders has already started working on the next installment! “I can tell you that I’m working on a sequel now and it’s really exciting,” he told MTV Australia on the white carpet at Bondi Junction’s Event Cinema. “We all had a great time doing this one, so onwards and upwards.” 

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