May 14, 2012

Photos of the SWATH World Premiere in London (May 14th)

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FashionCourt  Kristen is wearing a black lace gown from the Fall 2012 collection by Marchesa with delicate shimmering champagne bone embroidery around her collarbone and traveling down the center of her chest, her arms and full spinal skeletal detail on her back. she has on pants underneath! Yes, you read that right — sheer pants with skeleton detail traveled up and down Kristen’s legs. She finished off her look with frosted silver nail polish, stacked “Talualah” eternity rings by Kara Ackerman in yellow gold and black suede platform pumps by Jimmy Choo.
More at FashionCourt .

UKPress Kristen is wearing Fall 2012 RTW Marchesa. Of her daring lacy black gown, Kristen said, “”I love what I’m wearing but I can’t wait to take this thing off,” said Stewart. She did slip into her Nikes on the red carpet, saying “I swear I’m wearing these shoes because I hurt myself. I know that I would look better in the heels.” via kstewartnews 

More stunning HQ and fan pictures + fan account after the CUT!
Videos from the premiere here.
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Inside the theatre
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My pal @patsystew is at the Premiere and she just  texted 3cheers4tyranny and confirmed that Rob was spotted at Empire Cinema. "OMFG @patsystew JUST SAW ROB AT EMPIRE. HE'S WEARING A CAP"
@RespectKStewx: He [Brian Gleeson] said that working with Kristen and Chris was amazing but he felt like a fish out of water surrounded by nick frost etc.   Ruth said no photos. Everyone introducing the movie!  Kristen took her shoes off ad waved them at the audience in pride haha RT

@taryder: Kristen told me she and Rob had a great time celebrating his bday
@SnowWhite: Kristen on Chris "He's a cry baby" #swathpremiere
@GlamourMagUK: Kristen: 'I love to say hi to my fans, I really enjoy it.' On #SWATH 'Most if the time I was freezing my butt off or pulling a muscle'
 @TaraSwennen: How fearless is Kristen Stewart in her head to toe skelatal Marchesa gown?!

 RT @joshuahorowitz: SWATH carpet is done! I'm skipping the flick but will hit the party later. Kristen told me Rob's seen the film.

Fan Account
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Thanks patsystew for sharing her pics and fan experience.

"I arrived LS around 4h30pm and I walked around to the bleaches near a ribs place at the Empire's side. I noticed that people were still not allowed in so I asked the security guy and he told me very soon people would be allowed in. He had let me know in the morning how things were gonna happen around the Square and since my RL friend was meeting me there and since that was the door I had to go in to the screening at the Empire... and I would be opposite MTV!!!!

 I got in and was next to 2 lovely ladies Joanne and Sachu who were there since 6am!!!! I loved them and they were so nice!!! Unfortunately they were not attending the screening. But Sachu gave me a SWATH postcard for my autographs (yes i'm a bad fangirl and didn't bring anything to the premiere). And them I started shouting for Josh... on my 3rd atempt he came over to us 3 girls and talked a bit, signed autographs and took pics with us!!! He is LOVELY and very nice!!! I said I loved his work and asked him if the junket had been good and he said that the interviews would came out today or tomorrow.

 Then the dwarfs and Rupert arrived. Autographs at arrivals, pics, tv interviews, premiere interview and them autographs in our side. I got one from Nick Frost and Rupert... Didn't want the rest cause I almost didn't have space at my postcard... lolol Them the big guns arrived but they took too long to reach the tv line directly in front of me. My RL friend had arrived, and I thank my good security guy for letting her pass a security barrier till she reached me...

 Then time for the screening was arriving and the RC comunors like me started to get in, which made impossible to see the starts like we had til then. I left Jo and Sa and got my ass into the RC!!! CT, CH and K were still giving interviews. K was talking to Ben (I have this special Ben pic for Mel452). This made me so close, but so far away from Kristen at the same time. The RC was full of security rushing us to the theatre but I took a couple of pics anyway... she had her nikes on already!!!! Got inside and my place was on 1st row just opposite the screen!!! DED cause I knew if K went there I would see her very close.

 I immediately noticed a large reserved area in the 1st 10 or so rows of the 1st balcony, some 20/30 rows behind me... I have to confess my eyes started to wonder the people there but they were dressed regularly so ... We were able to see on the screen the rest of the RC livestream such as CT and K's interviews... They started showing a repeat livestream... And I was getting anxious cause someone in the theatre was not sure the whole cast would be there... And there was the texting back to portugal for people online telling me they had seen lizzie and there was a “kristens guest” paper next to kristens place... (thanks Ci) I was dying!!! I couldn't get info (on time, before my heart stopped) if they would be seeing the film at the empire. Then I saw one dwarf arriving... and another... but my eyes were not on the place they were coming from... My eyes were on the reserved area...

 Then I saw K was near the dwarfs and all other actors, standing in the space between the stalls and the 1st balcony... Then I saw CT arrive with a wine glass (type of glass, I was far away couldn't tell the liquid... lol) THEN I F*CKING SAW A PERSON IN A BLACK JACKET AND A BLACK BASEBALL CAP going into the reserved seat area like he was looking for something... I just looked a way for a second to tell my friend and I stopped seeing him... There were a lot of people standing up around that area by now. I was ded! Then Joe Roth came in front of the screen (remember i'm on front row) and asked Rupert to came and introduce the cast... (I don't really remember what was said and who cares...) He called everyone and them when he called Kristen she came running but I think she stopped to talk to a few pps (my mind was already blank) and she came barefoot with her high heels on her hands! She was embraced by CT and she was very very shy with all the attentions and the applause’s. They stayed very briefly and run up again... My eyes were fixed on the reserved area again... lots of confusion but I remember that CT, CM and I think mr Baseball cap himself Rob were on first row or second and CT was saying hi to Rob (greeting him with a kiss in the cheek I think) as was CH. This was very fast cause they were dimming the lights.

My next image was Kristen running with HBG behind her in that space between the stalls and the 1st balcony to the next exit... Of course I knew she was gonna change clothes like always... During the movie, which by the way I loved, I looked behind once and I though I saw Rob without his Baseball cap on and Kristen slouching on her chair, but I was far away so I cannot be 100% sure. I think the seating arrangement were something like: CT , K and R, CH... Maybe people in btw i'm not sure. When the movie was over, the lights were still dim as I started to exit and there was a lot of people around that area. I don't know if they were still there but CH (he was easy to spot cause of the grey suit) was for sure, and since they were seating next to him towards the way I was exiting, my guess was they had left, and so had CT. Maybe not the theatre but I didn't see them again As I exited, Ian and Rupert were in the exit, and Rupert was so nervous...

Like they were saying thank you and goodbye to all of us. I didn't talked to him and now I feel bad cause I would have liked to thank him for a wonderful movie. Kristen is flawless in the movie as she seems to be in life. She looked nervous tonight and I love her for just being like all of us... Just like she always truthfully says."

 Sources: kstewartfans 1 2 3 4 5 | Robstenation

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