May 29, 2012

Interviews from the German SWATH Press Junket

1. What was the best part about shooting SWATH?
2. Do you watch your movies in the theatre or on TV?
3. How was it to shoot with Charlize Theron?
4. Are you really that good at riding or did you have a double?
5. Who is mor like you? 'Snow White' or Bella Swan?
6. Nobody knows that you are especially good at ... 
7. For what would you cut off your hair?

Translation via RKBubbles

About her style and her shoes in particular she says she knows that the dress looks much better with heels, especially on pics but she can't rly move around in heels and she wants to be herself at premieres and run around.

About her fame: that she doesn't sell herself? A lot of actors do that and are pros at it but she's the one going out on sunday with greasy hair. She's not the one that's all 'Hello world, here I am in Los Angeles on a sunday afternoon.' She thinks it's rly ridiculous.

About the flipping Charlize off at the London Premiere she says that Charlize outclasses her and it just looked like that. Charlize said something funny and Kristen was just being funny. That on the pic you can see both are laughing and that it wasn't anything serious.


via kstewartfans

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