May 14, 2012

More Interviews from the SWATH Press Junket

Interview with ET Youtube: KStewDevotee  | via Robstenation

Kristen mentions 'The Shining', talks about being a role model and the movie 'business': "The reason we make movies is because there's an essential truth to things and...good will overcome evil."

More interviews (E!, MovieFone Unscripted, TrailerAddict, Generic and MTV Rough Cut) after the CUT! 


Thanks mandytav | youtube | Robstenation
Also check out the SWATH Interviews of the actors who played the dwarves at BBC | via KristensLegs

SWATH cast on Moviefone Unscripted
 YouTube: SomeLostBliss Moviefone | Robstenation



Rupert on Kristen (1:10) “She instantly had all the qualities I felt that a modern day Snow White should have. She’s very spirited, very rebellious, she’s obvious very beautiful.”

Charlize on Kristen (3:40) “She’s amazing. She’s incredibly talented and I love her tenacity."

Chris on Kristen (2:25) “Both Snow White & Kristen have a real strong sense of right&wrong and justice and passion behind them.”

Sam Claflin on Kristen (1:45) “She’s pretty damn glamorous! I’ve never grown such a soft spot for someone so quickly.”
Trailer Addict | MalenaCasey | kstewartnews | Robstenation

MTV Rough Cut

Kristen Felt Safe with On the Road Nudity 

"I'm dying to see Cosmopolis!" :')

Kristen Praises Snow White Concept Art

Kristen and Charlize Got to know each other during Press 

Kristen Never Wants to Get Back on a Horse

Kristen Reveals Last Moments as Bella Swan

Kristen Says 'Cali' Filled with Extremes

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