May 20, 2012

Kristen, OTR Cast and Walter Salles on Canal Plus

 Garrett's interview starts at 4:08, Kristen and Sam at 8:00.

The show is in French, cast interviews were dubbed in French. 

Tweets After the Jump! :)

Here are some helpful tweets via @LovetheStew

They are asking about the casting - Walter Salles talking about casting Kristen. He said that one of his friend saw her in Into the Wild and then asked to meet Kristen and Kristen told him that the OTR book is on the table next to her bed and that she really knows the character of Marylou.

WS talking about Sam Riley. He said that he wanted a "writer" for his role. - Garrett talks about the beat generation - He talks about the post second world war period/beat generation, be free, new emotions. He's talking making the book into a movie. How to give justice to the book. Kind of. Kristen says that it's always really interesting to play characters who really exists- She said she did it before with Joan Jett in The Runaways. Garrett says that when you read the book you really get how the characters are.- They are talking about Cannes! They ask him if they think that the movie will make young people read Kerouac books again - He says that it would be the best present (young people reading JK books again)

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