Mar 13, 2012

Kristen's Elle UK Photoshoot Coverage (June 2012 Issue)

  • Today we'll be live tweeting from our cover shoot in L.A, make sure you stay online for behind the scenes updates [x]
  • As we gear up for our shoot today in LA, take a look at her pictures from our July 2010 issue [x]
  • For all of you taking part in our live tweeting from the Kristen Stewart cover shoot today, the hash tag to look out for is: [x]
  • The sky's getting lighter in LA, which can only mean one thing: the cover shoot's starting in just a few hours! [x]
  • Uh oh, looking a little misty in LA - and we're shooting outside! Only 8.23am though, time for the light to improve. [x]
  • Crew beggining to arrive at shoot. Which label would you like to see her in for June issue? [x]

  • Right, we are go. Rail run through with hair artist, photographer, shoot director. [x]
  • We're selecting our preferred outfit cover options - the prettiest rail I've seen in a long time [x]
  • Make-up artist Gillian Dempsey is here and we're talking lips, eyes, beautiful skin... [x]
  •  In hair and make-up now. Next step, fittings. [x]
    image host
    image host
image host 
image host

  • We're not finished yet, just eating lunch - stars need food too! [x]
  • We've done two gorgeous set ups so far, Kristen's face can pretty much do no wrong. ,yep [x]
  • Shoot lunch: Tuna nicose or chicken. Well, you did ask. [x]

*          *          *

By the way was trending Worldwide :)
Thanks to @Robstenation for the screencap.

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