Feb 15, 2012

Adorable Fan Account of Meeting Kristen on the SWATH Set

I met The Stew on the same day I met Chris Hemsworth—as you may recall me stating in my previous post, it was prettttty much the greatest day of my life (and will be topped only by the day that Joseph Gordon-Levitt finally realizes the folly of his ways, revokes his restraining order against me, and asks for my hand in marriage). Allow me to describe it now in all its sweaty magnificence:

Myself and several other bloggers were huddled in a misty, LOTR-worthy forest in England (the set of this movie is seriously right out of the best Aragorn-related daydream you ever had). We walked into a clearing, and all of a sudden, there she was: THE STEW. I punched the blogger next to me in the arm and scream-whispered " THAT'S HER. THAT'S KRISTEN. KRISTEN STEWART. ARE YOU SEEING THIS. SHE IS RIGHT THERE.” I was in shock, butts. For the other bloggers, this was all pretty normal—they'd been been to set visits and junkets and red carpets aplenty—but for me, this experience was like landing on the moon and finding a 24-hour diner that serves brownie-batter pancakes.

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The Stew was wearing a brown corset dress (one of the many insanely awesome costumes that Oscar-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood crafted) and rockin' a Katniss braid, and guys, she looked BEAUTIFUL. Like, it was maybe 45 degrees in this forest, and she was covered in mud and probably hadn't showered in a few days, and on top of all that she was HANGING UPSIDE-DOWN FROM A TREE, and still she looked stunning. But it wasn't her gorgeousness that won me over—it was her personality. From watching interviews with The Stew, I expected her to be quiet and reserved—but when I saw her on set, she was a WHIRLWIND of AWESOMENESS and EMOTION.

She listened intently and gestured animatedly as the director gave her feedback, laughed delightedly with Chris about accidentally walloping him in the nose in an earlier scene, drummed her fingers on her knees and fixed her braid between takes, and, before stepping into a shot, seemed to pause for a moment and BECOME her character—you could literally see a transformation taking place. She gave everything she had to every scene, and when the director yelled "Cut!" she went back to goofing around with Chris and chatting excitedly to everyone around her.

At one point, she smiled in my direction, and my sweaty heart swelled up like a balloon. A BALLOON, SPARKLERS. I had basically fallen in love with her, and I hadn't even met her yet. After watching several takes of the scene, us bloggers were put on a bus and taken to the GIANT ACTUAL CASTLE that was built just for this movie, where we stood around excitedly, like sweaty castle guards, waiting for The Stew to wrap up on set. I was beside myself with nervousness and delight; out of all the amazing people I got to talk to during this visit, Kristen was the one I was most excited about.

And then, suddenly, she jumped out of a car and walked toward us, grinning and rocking well-worn Converse sneakers and gray sweatpants. There she was, standing directly in front of me, rubbing her badly-bruised hand and smiling. I had two choices: I could have a panic blackout (tempting) or I could TALK TO THE STEW and go down in history as the sweatiest blogger ever to do so. I summoned up all my courage, pointed to her hand, and asked in my bravest voice (which happens to make me sound a lot like a 13-year-old boy): "Is that from punching Chris?"

“No!” she laughed, and the interview was off. After a few seconds, the unthinkable happened: she tilted her head and said, "Do you guys want to do this in my trailer?" UH, DO I WANT TO EAT A CHEESEBURGER EVERY DAY FOR BREAKFAST AND FIGURE OUT HOW TO MAGICALLY TRANSFORM BABY CARROTS INTO HUNDRED-DOLLAR BILLS?! YES. So we followed her into her trailer, where she hopped up on the counter and started chatting with us like we'd all been friends for years.

Sparklers, she was AMAZING. I'm not just saying this because I met her, I AM SAYING IT BECAUSE IT'S TRUE. I was worried she'd be a aloof and cautious, but she was effusive and enthusiastic and so, so smart. She weighed every word she said, but cracked jokes too; she put me totally at ease (and considering I was about 2 breaths away from a panic-induced asthma attack, that was not an easy task). It was like hanging out with one of YOU, Sparklers—she was so funny, and adorably awkward, and even goofy—and at one point she got so excited about what she was saying that she jumped off the counter and marched around the room, pretending to be a dude wearing knight's armor. IT. WAS. FANTASTIC. I spent the entire interview nearly doubled over with giddy happiness. Want to know what The Stew and me talked about?

The interview was posted HERE.

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