Nov 15, 2011

New Rob and Kristen interview with "News" (Austria)

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They don’t talk about their relationship publicly but at their meeting with NEWS in Los Angeles their body language reveals how in love they are. Kristen Stewart, 21, whispers into the ear of her 25 year-old colleague Robert Pattinson while cuddling up to him. The two superstars of the worldwide phenomenon “The Twilight Saga” (the fourth part “Breaking Dawn part 1” hits local cinemas on Nov 24th) have been together ever since they started filming four years ago. But: Because of their contracts they lay the “cape” of silence over their love. The big love story should profitably be concentrated on the successful Vampire Saga – “Twilight” grossed to date 1,7 billion dollars worldwide.

Wedding and hot sex.
And the love between movie heroine Bella Swan (Stewart) and vampire Edward Cullen (the pale complexion and the red lips brought Pattinson the breakthrough in the movie biz) reaches its climax with “Breaking Dawn”: The pale-faced dream couple finally ties the knot. There’s also some intimacy going on in the blazing heat of a Brazilian resorts. “That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life,” said Pattinson, voicing his moral reservations during the shoot. He had to meet his colleague in the sea, naked, and then, surrounded by waves, caress her in the much-revealing moonlight. Pattinson, still shuddering from the memory, “I had to gather all my strength so as not to get washed away by the tide.” 
You don’t see any of those efforts in the movie: You get carried away by heir passionate feelings and innocent eroticism. Pattinson with a smile, “It’s hard to shoot a love scene with someone you’re very well acquainted with. You don’t want to look ridiculous. I looked at Kristen and I knew what she thought… it was kind of ridiculous!”

What the coy actor was terrified of was showing his (not her) naked body, “I never want to take off my shirt in front of the camera but they convinced me to change my mind. Which meant that I had to go to the gym and excercise like everyone else. I stopped that ridiculousness the day after we shot that scene. In my opinion working out is a total waste of time.”

Would he have rather preferred to spend his time with Kristen? The hint of a smile graces his lips and indicates an “Of course.” Can he identify with Edward’s traditional values? The pale vampire doesn’t want an affair but a marriage. Pattinson, “Absolutely. I have the same opinion on love and marriage.”

And now Snow White.
His queen of hearts Kristen Stewart, who is shooting “Snow White and the Huntsman” alongside Charlize Theron at the moment (in cinemas June 2012) and left the set only for a short while for our interview, thinks highly of decency and tradition as well. Appropriately then was there panic because of the sex scene, “I’ve always had difficulties with just letting go. My brain is working overtime during shooting. I didn’t want to look ridiculous. That’s why I was never satisfied with myself and made it more difficult for everyone else. My confidence didn’t grow until I just let myself fall. That’s when I was able to act.”

All of a sudden the inhibitions fell and the intimacy didn’t pose any more problem, “We’re just ridiculously happy together so those scenes came so easy, so naturally…” She falters. Did she say too much? “Anyway, it was lovely.” A pause. She isn’t allowed to and doesn’t want to say more. Her pale, heart-shaped face closes up again. It was just a short moment that she allowed us to see that part of herself.

Scans & Translation: RKbubbles, Thanks for the tip and help evendia

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