Nov 22, 2011

SWATH Update: Charlize still hasn't shot her scenes with Kristen

Charlize Theron says playing the Evil Queen in “Snow White & The Huntsman” has made her feel like a pre-teen.

“I’ve been like a 12-year old… ‘That’s my castle, that’s my house,’” she told Access Hollywood over the weekend at the “Young Adult” junket, miming scrolling through photos on her phone.

The actress called the “Snow White” project, “ambitious,” and she said playing the Evil Queen Ravenna has been “very fun.”

She still hasn’t shot her scenes with Kristen Stewart, who plays the film’s title character. Instead, Charlize has been busy promoting “Young Adult,” her newest project, which is already getting an Oscar buzz.

“It’s such a compliment, but you can’t think about that stuff,” Charlize told Access. “It’s a really nice thing, but I feel like the great, great gift in this whole thing is the fact that I haven’t worked in three years and… [I got to] come back and work with this kind of a character and have a director like Jason Reitman.”

In “Young Adult,” Charlize plays a divorced woman who hopes to reignite a romance with a former flame (played by Patrick Wilson), who now has a wife and children.

And the film includes at least one between-the-sheets moment for Charlize.

“This is what I’m known for and I don’t want to disappoint my fans,” she joked, adding the scene benefited from the use of “a lot of chicken cutlets.”

“They’re really amazing,” she added of the bra-enhancers.

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