Nov 24, 2011

Robert Pattinson is not ready for fatherhood

The character of Edward Cullen, played by actor Robert Pattinson, became a father in the movie Breaking Dawn: Part 1 , but the British actor believes that it is still too immature to be a father in real life, and ensures that they probably would their children ridiculous names.

"I have no idea. I still think as a child of 12 years. I do not know what to do with a baby. I like to call it Killer or Butch, names of dogs," the actor replied when asked how he would call his children.

Pattinson, who is dating his Twilight co-star, Kristen Stewart, recently confessed he has no plans of becoming a teen parent because they just have experience with children.

"Being a father, yes. Being a teen parent, no. I have no experience with children. In my circle of friends there are none who have children. And I've never had a younger brother. You should have seen me when I shot the scenes in Breaking Dawn: Part 1. There were two babies who have no more than two or three weeks, and I was afraid to hurt them, "he added.

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