Nov 6, 2011

Latest News on "On The Road": Walter Salles Presenting "Searching for OTR" in Belgium

Walter Salles will be showing three of his as yet unscreened documentaries: Letter to V., an open letter to his son about his favourite films, Socorro Nobre, about an exchange of letters between artist Franz Krajcberg and a woman prisoner, and a work in progress about his next feature based on the writings of Jack Kerouac.

Lettre à V. - Walter Salles
BR / F – 2007 – documentary – colour & black&white – 6’ – OV – FR SBT

Socorro Nobre - Walter Salles
BR – 1995 – documentary – black&white – 23’ – OV – FR SBT
With : Socorro Nobre, Franz Krajcberg

Searching for “On the road” (Fragment) - Walter Salles
BR / USA – 2011 – documentary – colour – 60’ – OV EN

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