Nov 21, 2011

Kristen's Interview with Milenio Mag (Mexico)

It seems as thought you’re not very happy with your new found celebrity status. 
Happy? I don’t know. No. I’m not, I’m mean it’s not bad, but I don’t enjoy being the center of attention. When we have a red carpet and there’s fans screaming, I get extremely nervous. Why do they do that? I can’t understand the attention, and how sometimes reality and a movie can’t be told apart. I’m not Bella. And the truth is, I’m very very shy, and I’d rather not go through some of that stuff. 

 Do you read what the tabloids write about you? 
No. That’s just a way to make yourself go crazy. When the first movie came out I did read stuff, I googled myself often, I was curious. I ended up reading a bunch of stories about me that were not true, and it was awful. I mean, even if half of that stuff was true, or even less than that was true, that would mean I’m a pretty terrible person (laughs). So I decided to stay away from all of that, because in the end people are going to write whatever they they want. I prefer to not get pissed off. 

A lot of Twilight fans were mad at you at one point because you criticized the Twilight hysteria online… 
I know. Truth is, I don’t understand why people waste their times on Facebook, or at forums, and they don’t even post anything positive, meaninful or important. People need to live their own lives. To me there’s more important things than being glued to the computer, talking about a movie, or if Edward is hotter than Jacob, or about Bella’s hair or my hair. In my free time I like to read a book, listen to music, play the guitar. I prefer to be with friends than chatting online. 

 Friends like Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner? You’re one envied girl. (Laughs). 
We spend so much time together on set that I think it’s normal to hang out together afterwards, and try to have fun. We’re young and we need to release stress sometimes (laughs).

Is there ever tension on set? Seems like you’re such a young cast. 
We are. The normal stress when you make a film is not easy, and the action scenes are very stressful. We were directed by Bill Condon this time, who is great and who guided us in every step of the way, through the most difficult scenes. There was no tension with him ever, he knew how to make us comfortable. O fall the Twilight directors, Bill has been by far the best. 

 You’re a role model for many girls. What’s your opinion on this? 
I don’t know. I’m not an expert. I just have my own sense of style, I wear what I want, I’m always realistic. I want to be as authentic as possible. 

 I was referring to the fact that girls want to be you. Time magazine chose you along with Robert Pattinson, as one of the 100 Most Infuential People in the world. 
They don’t want to be me, they want to be Bella. Girls love Bella. I don’t think I’m a role model because I’m not perfect, and I don’t care. I saw the Time thing and I don’t understand it. I don’t feel like I influence people. I don’t think anything has changed because of me. The best thing that changed for me is being more solidified as an actress, I get better offers, and I can choose what I like instead of auditioning. 

 You dropped out of school and you found success anyway. 
Do you think that sends the wrong message to teens? Drop out, and you can find success anyway? 
I don’t think it’s necessarily a message. I dropped out because of my career. I’ve been studying with private tutors since I was 13. I was always very rebellious and needed my own freedom. I felt relieved when I finally had the chance to study at home. It was fun. I’m interested in many things, one of them is writing. But school was never the right place for me. I never liked it.  

What advice would you give to young teens who want to pursue acting? 
If that’s what you really want, you need to try. Don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen. Always have a back-up plan. My back-up plan was to write screenplays. 

 And how do you feel now that Twilight is over? Will you miss Bella? 
No, it’s time to say goodbye to that stage of my life. Actors have all these bittersweet feelings when they’re saying goodbye to a character they’ve played for long. In a way, it’s a huge compliment that people will associate Bella with me for the rest of their lives, on the other hand I need to do other things too. And that’s why I’ve chose different roles that take me away from her, like The Runaways, On The Road and Snow White. I wouldn’t want to be Bella Swan forever.

Scans and Translation: TwilightPoison | Via: RobStenation

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