Nov 13, 2011

Kristen's Interview with "Flicks and Bits"

 Bill Condon talked about you having a schizophrenic life while making this movie, can you talk about that experience?
Kristen Stewart: Shooting two movies at the same time, completely out of sequence, it wasn’t something that initially we were concerned about, keeping sequences in tact scheduling wise. It was like, “Okay, we’ll work on this part and we’ll work on this part.” It really was everywhere within each day, like Bill said. I think what that gave me is that she’s thinking, like, she’s always either looking into the future and thinking about what she’s going to achieve, and ultimately in this movie she does get everything she wants, or she’s sort of feeling bad about things, with Jacob for instance, her family – she’s very much in her own head. Basically what I’m saying is that being able to play a vampire, a human, a woman who’s pregnant, a woman who’s about to get married, literally sometimes within the same day or sometimes within the same week actually helped me remind me, because everything felt more important to me and more relevant to me, everything felt very close. So I think if we did it more systematically, it just wouldn’t have been the same. Everything was happening all at once, and it was so sort of overwhelming that it was good (laughs), it gives you that energy everyday.

‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1’ is such an emotional journey for Bella. What was it like filming all of that for months, and how did all of that affect you, personally?
Kristen Stewart: I can’t draw a line between myself and stuff that I do. It’s funny, I don’t want to sound like it’s just about this, but really with everything I do, it’s hard for me to take myself out of it. I’d been building up to this for 4 years. I was 17 when I started doing these movies. This really is loaded with those really cathartic, impactful, huge life moments, and they’re not all completely fantasy. They’re really very rooted in a reality that I can completely see myself in, and anyone who reads the book could imagine. Shooting the scenes, I had to realize that these moments will find themselves naturally. I can’t let the book punch me in the face every morning to wake me up. You have to let the moments happen, and they did. I just went for it. I do feel like it’s very very close to the book, and a really sincere telling of the story, but at the same time there are bits that are surprises, that surprised me too, in the more iconic bits.

Bella has become mythological pop culture character in her own right, how does she compare to playing Snow White?
Kristen Stewart: I guess the only actual comparison, or I guess that a million could be drawn, but the one thing that sticks out in my mind is that they really both are, in different ways, matriarchs, very strong matriarchs that need to find that position. You see the whole process, but they’re so different. Them both being icons, Snow White, its funny because I didn’t grow up on fairy tales. I know everyone says, “The reason that this thing is so cool is that we’ve all grown up with these stories and it’s a retelling.” I’m like, “Nah, not really. I didn’t.” (Laughs) I also didn’t grow up with ‘Twilight.’ So for me, these things are sort of being put on these characters. Right as I think, “Wow, this is important,” everyone goes, “That’s important!” It’s like, “Okay, cool.” So I’ve got really lucky, I didn’t know going into either of these things necessarily, or I mean, I know ‘Snow White’ obviously more so than ‘Twilight’ was expected to be important to people because they know it.

What’s on your iPod right now?
Kristen Stewart: I’m doing ‘Snow White and the Huntsman right now, and it’s really weird being here, to be honest, because I’m so very involved in that right now. Adele’s new album. Honestly, I’ve choreographed like whole marches with my army behind me. So I’m listening to that a lot, it’s really good for the story, almost oddly good for it, too good for it (laughs). It hit the nail right on the head, it’s amazing, ahe’s incredible. Not to give everything away about ‘Snow White and the Huntsman,’ I have a few little things that I listen to a lot right now. I kind of only listen to the things that I’m listening to for the movie right now, and like, my regulars.

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