Nov 17, 2011

Kristen's Interview with "20 Minuten" (Switzerland)

"She's really in tune, she knows herself pretty well. And that's a particular type that loves that character. I feel really close to her and have a similar character. That's why the fans and girls of my age love her. I know they feel the same, I know that's the common feeling."

There's a wedding in the film. How do you like your first wedding?
It's breathtaking. This scene is so important. I really could let myself go.

Did the wedding dress meet your requirements?
Oh yeah. I've never really had a specific vision. But it's gorgeous. When reading the script I was wondering what I was going to wear. I love that wedding dress.

But even more central is to live together with Edward ...
... Absolutely. Bella and Edward have not felt as a family yet. Each one was isolated. Now they have passed the rose-colored glasses, they argue and face their true nature. That's a big turning point in the relationship.
What do you like about Bella?
She's in tune with herself and knows herself very well. I feel very close to her and don't feel like being a completely different person. I know that many fans feel the same. That's the common feeling we all share.
What can we be looking forward to in the last part, which releases 2012?
Well, I become a vampire. All supernatural expectations come true. Bella has to find her way in the world of vampires. When I open my eyes with the blood-red contact lenses, it gets very exciting (laughs)

Source | Translation by @adorablekstew from Robsteners

(The video actually is a -quite good- review of the film with a snippet of Kristen's interview)

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