Nov 11, 2011

Evan Daughtery, SWATH screenwriter, talks about Kristen and SWATH in a new interview

Collider: I think the teaser did a pretty decent job of showing that it was a different take on the story, for sure. When you were writing, did you have anyone in mind for the part of Snow White? If you were writing or back in 2003, surely you weren’t thinking of Kristen Stewart for the role back then, right?

EVAN DAUGHERTY: Not really. That was more in the era of Keira Knightley, but funnily enough, and I think I was telling this to Kristen, but…I wrote Snow White shortly after Panic Room came out. And when we were just hanging around the dorms with my buddies talking about the movie, I think I did say that Kristen Stewart would be good for the role. Obviously, she’d need to be a little older, but it would take a few years to get the movie made. I mean, that was her first big thing—Jodie Foster’s daughter in Panic Room.

Collider: I always forget she was in that.

DAUGHERTY: Well, y’know, she’s really young, and she’s got super-short hair. But it’s a great movie, and she had to carry quite a bit of…y’know, there’s only, like, four people in that movie. That’s a pretty big acting load for that age.

Collider: Cool. Now, Kristen Stewart’s a wildly popular actress amongst the Twilight set, and Snow White’s a popular story with children. But for every two Twilight fans, there’s probably one Twilight…uh…non-fan. How are you planning to convince all the Twilight haters and non-fairy-tale fans that they need to come out to theaters to see another Snow White? Do you anticipate any difficult getting adult males into theaters for this?

DAUGHERTY: Well, that’s a very good and salient point you make. Because it is based on a fairy tale, and it does have a female lead. But one of the great things about this sort of project—and one of the reasons I think they wanted to make it—was that this movie isn’t just about Snow White. It’s called Snow White and The Huntsman, because you’ve got Kristen Stewart being mentored by Chris Hemsworth, who’s sort of doing his badass Thor thing. But instead of hammers, he’s got axes. So, I think the teaser kind of speaks for itself. I think it’s kind of a tough, muscular, gritty…and, by the way, I’ve visited the set, and I can tell you that this is a pretty badass Kristen Stewart that you haven’t seen before. So, hopefully, I’d say look at that teaser. Up until now, when I’ve told my peers—guys in their 20’s and 30’s—that I was working on a Snow White action movie, they were kind of like, “OK, yeah, well, good luck with that”. But after the teaser was up, I posted that to my Facebook or whatever, and they were like—hopefully honestly—“wow, this actually looks pretty cool”.

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