Mar 29, 2011

Rob's New Interview With Vanity Fair Mag Italy

Vanity Fair - Italy   (Translation via Google. Will post a better translation, hopefully soon)

One need not be very smart to understand this: generally speaking, there are fates worse than to become a poster-boy forced to hide from fans within the walls of five-star hotels scattered around the world. And Robert Pattinson seems that it is quite clever. But it also seems that, personally speaking, his fate has not taken the right way. He is young (in May will make 25 years), has a lot of money, success, a job, the actor, that half the world's envy and, potentially, all women want. Yet we see from a mile away that is not happy. And the reason, I believe, lies in the fact that it is smart enough to understand that it is not so special. He stayed with his feet on the ground on the neck and head while all around him went mad. That makes him a good person, but horribly alone. I've met a few weeks ago to promote the film Like Water for elephants .
Born in London in a normal family - his mother worked in a modeling agency, her father was selling vintage car - thought to be a great deal of international relations. The part of Cedric in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire came almost by accident, and the same for the role that would change his life: the vampire Edward Cullen in Twilight.
Like Water for Elephants is a romantic movie.
"What attracted me is the historical period, the Great Depression, and the circus. It's fascinating. "
The fact remains that it is primarily the story of Jacob and Marlena.
"But even if at first you may think:" Now he arrives, he sees it, likes it and run away together, "the story is more complex. Jacob does not want to take, it is only prepared to give. The best relationship that might exist. "
You could have an affair with a married woman?
"Life is not black or white. There are married people who did not even attend, we can define marriage? But there's one thing I never understood: why do people betray. "
He does not understand a behavior practiced by the majority of the population?
"I understand the impulse, but not how you can maintain long-standing two reports. And though I realize that can happen to those who have children, one truly escapes me why engagements should choose to have four girls at once. It must be a living hell, especially for the man. "
Does not believe in betrayal. And love till death does not separate, like the film?
"My parents met when my mom was 17 and my father 25, are still together and seem very happy. I grew up believing that we can be together all life. "

The full interview in Vanity Fair on sale from March 30

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