Mar 15, 2011

"Breaking Dawn" Update: Vancouver City Shoots

As earlier reported they shooted at the historic Orpheum Theater in Vancouver on Monday where they filmed a flashback scene of Edward's life.

Mandy's Mind offered two possibilities 
"While I am told it is a flashback, it is unclear HOW FAR BACK this flashback is.

There are two theories:
1 - Flashback to Edward's human life (Green Eyes anybody?)
2 - Flashback to Edward's rogue days as a dark vampire feeding on humans(no-vegetarian diet for him if you catch my drift) 

The second theory seems more likey since it references Midnight Sun and the architecture is more late 1920s than earlier 1900's. Though we know Edward was in an alley way feeding so maybe that is outside the theatre?"

We shall see, maybe it's another change made by Bill Condon?

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