Mar 7, 2011

Peter Facinelli talks about 'Breaking Dawn' and other scenes at the LA TwiTour.

"Did anyone know that Peter laid on top of Kristen during the audition and shouted at Rob to get the venom out? Peter thought it would look weird if anyone walked in on that scene. Lol"

"Peter said if he wad younger he would have loved to play Edward. It was Peter's idea to drop Edward during the eclipse fight training. He thought Csrlisle should one up edward cause he's older."

"Peter says the family scenes are like one big party. And loves those scenes in every twilight movie."

About 'Breaking Dawn'
"Peter has filmed one day in Vancouver fot breaking dawn and it was cold and rainy.
Peter says bill condon is enjoyable and very nice. Very communicative and receptive to ideas but hasnt seen any finished product. Breaking Dawn script is Peter's fav script. He says follows the book but has variations that we will like.Peter thinks it is more exciting because we wouldnt want to see 2 hours of Bella on the couch. Peter says he likes surprises cause everyone already knows the books and it adds some excitement for fans."

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