Jan 4, 2012

Latest News on "On The Road": French Release Date Confirmed + More Tentative Release Dates

Producer Charles Gillibert confirmed the French release date on his twitter today:

Tentative release dates - not sure how legit this list is, we shall wait and see...

USA 2012
Belgium: 23 May 2012
Switzerland (French part): 23 May 2012
Netherlands: 31 May 2012
Portugal: 31 May 2012
Brasil: 08 June 2012
Sweden: 24 August 2012
Italy: 07 September 2012
Denmark: 13 September 2012
Germany: 04 October 2012

Rumour has it that "On The Road" will premiere at Cannes which takes place from May 16 to May 27, 2012! *fingers crossed*

Also, be sure to check out this amazing "On The Road" project!

On The Road for Kerouac (OTR4K) - Reinvent the scroll

"This project is a tribute to American author Jack Kerouac for his 90. 
It’s an original idea of a French fan of Kerouac, but we hope that the tribute will be spread all over the world!
On The Road 4 Kerouac was born of a double desire: paying a tribute to Jack Kerouac for the 90 years he would been in March 12, 2012 and making this author rediscovered to the public, through the film On The Road for example.

The first form of the project, which is the tribute to Kerouac, comes in the form of a continuous scroll of paper as the original manuscript of On The RoadIt will contain all the tributes / testimonials of those who would have participated. The goal is to reach the same length as the original manuscript, that is to say, about 37 meters!

In the end, the roll will be sent to The Beat Museum in San Francisco, a unique place that brings together everything related to Kerouac and the Beat Generation.

The second form of the project is making Kerouac rediscovered to the public. We are currently asking libraries, concert halls, theaters, if we can display a poster with Jack Kerouac and his work, then leave a box-letter so that people can make a tribute. Partnering with libraries to circulate On the Road books is also under way.

Finally, the project also aims to promote the release of the On The Road movie, a much anticipated event for all avid readers of Kerouac, and which is in itself a great way to introduce the novel to the public.

The project has an international vocation. Indeed, Jack Kerouac is known worldwide, and we hope that a maximum of different countries will participate. The scroll will be written in English and French, both languages ​​spoken by Kerouac."
Go to the site HERE to find out more about the tribute and how you can participate! Plus you can show them your support by following them on Twitter and Facebook :)

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