Jan 17, 2012

Scans and (Old?) Interview of Rob with "TV Svet" - Slovakia



Before he became the vampire Edward Cullen, girls hadn’t really turned after him. Today they pass out even mentioning his name. We talked with the British actor, Robert Pattinson about filming the last installment of the Twilight movies, asked him why he never goes to the gym and if he minds the woman’s attention. 

Is London still your home?

It is. I think it always will be. You can’t replace it. Now I’m away from it so much, I know that now. I used to live in Soho and I went back there at Christmas and I don’t know anything there and it’s kind of – it’s incredibly depressing. It’s such a solid place for you in your mind. When you go back there it’s completely different. Because when you’re living here you never think anything changes, it’s always exactly the same. And then you leave for four years and it’s like nothing is the same. 

What do you miss about London when you’re abroad?
I miss the newspapers. I love reading the sport section and the news from the world. It’s better (in London) than here. In US there is only American news. 

What about the internet?
I’ve never read the news on the internet. I love holding the paper in my hands in the morning, it’s like a part of everyday life. I use to eat my breakfast reading the paper, but here they have the wrong size. I love those broadsheet papers, like The Times. It’s easy to browse. 

What happened to your hair? It’s not too short?
Yeah, I had to get it cut for a new movie I am doing. But it will grow back, I hope. 

How do you feel about the Twilight Saga coming to an end?
I am sad, of course. It’s been such an adventure, such a ride. I made new incredible friends that will be with me forever.

Share one of your fondest memories with us.
The honeymoon that we shot in Brazil, that was pretty amazing. I would go back there if I could. I fell in love with that country.

And one of the not so fun experiences?
Well, I had to take my shirt off right next to Taylor (Lautner). And I am sure you all know what a superb specimen that guy is. He makes me look like such a whimp (laughs).

What is it like to be working with beautiful women on the set of this movie?
It’s great, it’s really nice being surrounded by hot girls all the time. It’s the best thing ever. Hey, it’s why I became an actor!

Because of playing the role of the vampire Edward Cullen you had to wear contact lenses all the time and you had to be very pale. What was worse?
Oh, the contact lenses for sure. They were pretty tight, and at times they were painful too. That’s one thing I won’t be missing much. I don’t mind being pale. I am British, we are not supposed to tan much in the first place (laughs).

Do you think you will keep in touch with all the other actors from the movie?
Well, I hope so. I don’t know if we will all call each other all the time. In this business, you need to move around so much. It makes it very difficult to stay in touch with others.

Do you think Breaking Dawn will truly be the end of the Twilight saga?
Wouldn’t that be funny if they came out with something like “Twilight, Eclipse, Brunch…” No, I think it’s up to Stephanie. If she wants to write a spin off or another book, I am game, I am in.

Do you have a favorite scene in this movie?
I think the birth scene is so different to everything else in the movie. And also, for a fantasy, it has a young audience, but it goes quite far. It’s quite graphic.

You are doing major press events for this movie all over the world. You are at Comic Con which is a big comic convention. What are the nerdiest things that you have found out about each other?
I wouldn’d say Kristen is nerdy. She, literally, is a cooking fan. She’s a nerd when it comes to cooking. Especially on set. It was bizarre. She’d be in the trailer and the cooking channel was always on.

What will you miss about your character?
I liked how understanding Edward was. I liked that he was old school. I think that’s cool. I will miss that.

You have fans all over the planet. Girls and their mothers both love you. How it feels to look in the mirror and see that man of everyone’s attention?
It’s strange. Before Twilight nobody thought I’m good looking. It’s funny how the world can change and then everyone see you in a different picture. 

Are you creeped out by all the attention you have been getting from the ladies over the years?
I am not creeped out at all by it. You’d just have to be creeped out by women in general, which I am not (laughs).

Do you still go grocery shopping, or it’s not that much of a relaxation anymore?
I still love to, when I lived in Baton Rouge it was a lot easier, but for some reason, I don’t know why, I don’t have any time for it now. I’m working seven days a week, so these days I just kind of can’t do it…

And how you relax?
I don’t. I’m glad to have a few days off, though. Oh, how pathetic that sounds (laughs). I can have a good sleep. 

How your dream day off looks like?
I couldn’t even imagine. I just sit around, I’m like incredibly boring, I try and watch films, but my concentration now is so short. I watch like 20 minutes of a film and I play this game on the iPhone called Fall Down. It’s so much fun, it involves absolutely no brain effort from your brain whatsoever, you just hold this little ball and roll it down. I can literally sit there and pla it for sixteen hours.

It’s like meditation.
Yeah, and that’s all I do on my day off, I just sit there and get more and more frustrated (laughs).

Do you do sports or anything, work out?
At the beginning of this last Twilight movie, I was working out quite a lot because I had to have my shirt off all the time. I was doing that obsessively and I got into really eating more healthy. I was going to the gym all the time and cycling everywhere, and I was really into it. Then as soon as I finished, I just stopped dead. And I haven't gone to the gym since.

What makes you happy outside working?
I still love playing the piano. I was in New Orleans the other day and I was playing with the band from New Orleans Salvation and with a band earlier, and I was like 'Jesus, why don't I do this anymore?' It was amazing.

You had a plan to be a pianist, right?
I did, I still love it the same. My favorite is blues.

What have you learnt the last few years?
That you can’t satisfy everyone.

And how did you learn that?
I tried it. (laughs)

Translation: @twveronika | Scans: twilight.sk| via Gossip-dance

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