Dec 12, 2011

'Snow White and The Huntsman' Wrap Party (December 11th)

Pictures - Only Kristen's back



@Loft_Studios: What a week! Mario Testino taking all 4 studios for a Burberry Campaign and 3 events this weekend, the highlight being Snow White wrap party
@littlelowey: Driving to London excited for the wrap party tonight for #SWATH but feeling sick and that's before having any drink.....
@littlelowey: Little bit tipsy haha, Chris and christan are both beautiful greatfull people #swath
@EddOsmond: everyone that's helped make the best 4months - all under one roof tonight!!! #SWATH
@jemma_lewis: On route to #SWATH wrap party to rock & roll with all the amaZing cast & crew that I have worked with on our EnChaNtInG journey.x
@jemma_lewis: had an amaZing time at the #SWATH Wrap PaRtY with a luSh cast & crew. Its been such an EnChAnTiNg journey with a MaGiCaL destination.xx 
@blonstein: It's a wrap for the Snow White and the Huntsman cast, Blonstein has created an amazing party venue and now it's time to party! 
@JsMills: Suited and booted and finally en route to the #SWATH wrap party. I have a feeling it's going to be muchas fun. Let's do this. 
@BarnesGirl11: Kristen in jeans and converse x 
@BarnesGirl11: She had about 9 people with her . . . . More deets later x 
@BarnesGirl11: We did not see her english boyfriend . . . . . . . 
@BarnesGirl11: The paps left in cars BEFORE she did, by about 5 mins. Maybe she did not go straight home and the paps gave up. 
@BarnesGirl11: @flippyluv Just JB, her security. ASB and dark haired guy left earlier. She left REALLY late, like 3.15am. Hope she had fun :) 
@BarnesGirl11: @flippyluv The 9 people were JB, JohnASB, dark haired guy .... plus about 4-6 others I did not know. All shielding her... hard to get pics 
@BarnesGirl11: @cotedetexas She had her hair down, short jacket and hoodie, skinny jeans and converse. Saw her for seconds before she went in, but YES!!!! 
@craiggarner85: At the wrap party of #SWATH and loving it. With the bestests @kevinraysmith2 @KarenAnderson67 @EddOsmond @mrjohnnyharris @Jemma_Lewis xxx 
@RomanceRiver: SWATH wrap party has the best music playing, "Light My Fire", "Whole Lotta Love"... <3 
@Lorabell: Rocking it out at the #Swath wrap party- twisted 60s-esque theme- cast and crew all here and having a blast in NW10 x 
@mrjohnnyharris: Great #SWATH party tonight! Seen this crew work hard these last few months so it's lovely to see them celebrate and in party mode tonight! x

Thanks to KStewartfans for the pictures & StrictlyRobsten for the tweets :)

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