Dec 19, 2011

Latest News on "On The Road": Producer Charles Gillibert Tweets + Special Mag Soon?

Producer Charles Gillibert tweeted some updates on the current status of "On The Road":
"@G now we are closing discussions with the futur best partners to defend otr and they have to be involved in decisions with market..
@G when it is all set, difficult to say when but shortly, you will be the 1st to know, and we will be so happy to share that experience..
@KSTEWLOVEYOU journalists at 3 couleurs are working on a worldwide complet mag about the beat,book,kerouac,shooting and prodstory,interviews
Vonch @charlegillibert when will you give us the next stills of #OTR ? or poster for the film?

@charlegillibert @vonch I won't give you stop date anymore because things change and I want to make sure i give you only good information."

 And today, @Trois_Couleurs responded to this mention from above:

"We’ve been cleverly spotted [...]. So yeah, the newsroom is currently working on its 8th special issue. #ontheroad"

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