Dec 31, 2011

Robert & Kristen in 2011 - A Look Back!

It's been an amazing year for this fandom. Full of epic cuteness, gorgeous people and overwhelming projects!

To another year with Rob & Kristen,
to another year with you all!
*clinks champagne glasses*

May you spend tonight with the people you love and have a blast!
Much love from all the Robsteners ladies <3 

Look Back posts with pictures, videos, links and more compiled by Robstenation, simply amazing!

And now enjoy the look back videos by some of our greatest video masters!

"Robert & Kristen ღ look back 2011: 'crash into me'" by the amazing xFiorels90


"A Robsten 2011 Timeline" made by the lovely ladies from StrictlyRobsten

"Robsten 2011 Greatest Memories" by the lovely Patty13Mai

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