Jan 3, 2012

"Bel Ami" Released in Belgium Today: Reactions & Fan Reviews

It's time for the first reactions and fan reviews of "Bel Ami" which released in Belgium today, so after the jump are some of the lucky fans' reactions and sneak peeks!

Thanks to RPLife for the compilation!


From @JeSuisLinnie:

-The film has ended! It was good and Robert was Yummie :-)#belami
-But it was good and so worth the wait. A lot of sexy Rob :-)
-I'll tell you people. This movie is oscar worthy.
-And Robert's performance ís fabulous. #belami
-Still thinking about how good Rob looked :P
-Didn't read the book! But friend says a lotif differences!
-9 :D (On the 1-10 scale - what would you give the movie overall?)
-1h45 more or less!(How long was the movie?)
-good! Really outdone himself! (Rob's acting)
-one of his best :-) but although good, I like him more in other characters. (favorite Rob performance?)
-overall acting was good. And no I don' think she was overacting. It's the accent. (Uma's performance)

From @iHeartBadasStew:

-Movie done. Me happy! Me am gonna scream of happiness
-And i don't wanna spoil but BEL AMI IS AMAZING!
-If you think JacobRob or TylerRob, you'll faint seeing GeorgeRob!

From @Aeval_:

-The movie ended... hnnng Rob wasn't lying when he said his buttcrack was in this movie #BelAmi
-full ass actually LOL
-So #BelAmi (SPOILERS)... Oh and minors might want to look away lol. First I will give you some details on Rob's nudity. The full naked butt scene is one of the first scenes in the movies. I think it's with some prostitute, I'm not sure. It's in a dark room and you see the sex from above, his full naked back and butt, there was DEFINITELY thrusting not just the tip LOL. Then there were some sex scenes with Christina Ricci. Mostly like the ones we saw in the trailer, you know the 'i missed you so much' sex scene. You get to see more thrusting and his super sexy back again. Then those are kinda the last of the graphic sex scenes, but Rob is just overall so incredibly sexy in this movie. The sex scene with Uma Thurman is pretty weird and no nudity in that one.
The movie itself was good, but I feel like they cut out a lot of the storyline in order to give Rob more screen time and so I feel like the movie had more potential. But that's just my humble opinion of course
-Oh and AngryRob is such a turn on
-Some more thoughts on the acting in #BelAmi. I think Rob did a very good job, he plays angry and frustrated very well. He wasn't very likeable, which was how it's supposed to be, if I understand what the book is about( I haven't read it) Basically, he's an ass. In one scene he threw Kristin Scott Thomas on the floor, and it was just so well done, scene like that must be hard to act. When he gets angry at those guys for going behind his back and throws him out of the house, it's very believable. We see part of this in the trailer. He didn't remind me of Edward at all in this movie. Uma Thurman has such a lovely voice. She's was great. I loved Christina Ricci, she did an amazing job.

-Oh, and I'm disappointed Rob didn't speak French :( You're in Paris for christ's sake!

From @PonytailStew:

-Seriously, Bel Ami is one hot movie!
-Rob's performance in Bel Ami is extraordinary. It's something totally different than what we're used. It's amazing! #BelAmi
-Rob's performance does things to the lady parts, that much I can assure you!
-For those who do not want to be spoiled, all I’m gonna say is that Rob’s performance is extraordinary! It’s something so different than what we’re used of him and he fucking nailed the part! That man can act! (Not that I didn’t know that already!)

HOT, NAKED ROB! Do I need to say more?

Yes, we get a lovely view of Rob’s well trained but. *drools*

I swear I was almost drooling throughout the entire movie.

There were about three or four (Sorry, I lost count. Don’t blame me, this movie was too much to handle!) mayor sex scenes! (YES, MY DEARS, WITH THRUSTING!) The first one ‘s already after five minutes. Dear god, me was not ready yet. AND IT’S HOT!

And Uma, HELL TO THE YES! Let’s say she almost raped Georges! Hilarious scene though! Rob’s face is so hilarious, I can’t even!

I did feel bad for Clothilde (played by Christina Ricci) She’s an amazing actress!

And when George gets mad. ASdklfjqsmdfjmqldfjq, *Dead*

Rob’s performance is amazing! It’s so different from what we’ve seen of him so far. And I like it. Bye good image, ‘cause George Duroy is one smug bastard!

So prepare yourself before you go see this movie! THIS SHIT IS HOT!

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