Jun 21, 2011

Latest News on Kristen's "Snow White": Ian McShane is First Dwarf Cast

 TheHollywoodReporter Ian McShane is First Dwarf Cast in Universal's Snow White.
Currently, seen on screen as Blackbeard in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Ian McShane has signed to play one of the dwarfs in Universal’s Snow White adventure movie. McShane will play Caesar, the leader of the dwarfs. Universal is in the process of casting the rest of his crew. With Universal and Relativity Media racing separate Snow White projects into theaters next year (Relativity's untitled project also is ramping up production and is currently set to hit theaters in March), there could be serious competition to find strong character actors to fill the roles.  
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Slashfilm Now the first of those characters has been cast: Caesar, the oldest of the eight, and an enemy to the Queen and old friend to Eric, the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth). We’ve known that actors would be made to look small via on-set tricks and post-production effects. The first guy you can start imagining reduced to a few feet tall is Ian McShane.

In the script, the dwarfs are:Caesar: the eldest, with the longest beard. Nero: the angry one. Tiberius: the biggest and burliest. Hadrian and Trajan: the twins. Constantine: solemn and blind. Claudius: the timid one. Gus: young, unbearded, seemingly smitten with Snow White.

As per our last production update we learned that  
"The dwarfs: There are eight, named after Roman leaders including Caesar, Tiberius and Nero. Special effects will be used to change the dimensions of average-height actors."

And producer PalaksPatel promises some updates soon.
"Soon! “@nchantng: @palakspatel Can you provide a SWATH status update; pics from the set being built, anything. I'll take anything! #SWATH"
 Charlize Theron talks about SWATH here.
”The only thing I will say is that it will be dark. It will be a dark, realistic version of it,” she says.

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