Jun 24, 2011

Chris Weitz Talks About the Twilight Cast

 Chris wished Rob was able to attend :)

CW talks about the Twilight Cast watch here at E!Online
"Yeah. I really, really like those guys. Some of them are coming to support me tonight, which is really great. And I think that they're all terribly talented. It was part of the reason I did New Moon in the first place."

"I wanna figure out how they shoot that part where the baby eats its way out of Kristen's stomach!"
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Celebuzz Anyone you would love to work with again?
CW: Kristen, Rob, and Taylor. If they let me! Sure.

What does it mean to have the support of your former cast-members like Kristen and Taylor here tonight?
It’s tremendous. I think it’s really cool. I mean because every time they come out, they face a gamut of fans and get screamed at and everything and they have to dress up and think like ‘Oh what am I supposed to wear tonight.’ It would much easier for them to just watch the DVD at home. I’m really touched that they’ve come out tonight, and it’s great to see them because I’m really fond of them. 
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Tweets from ChrisWeitz:
"Driving back from premiere. Taylor and Kristen represented. Love you guys.
(When asked about Rob) he's shooting out of town!

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