Jul 1, 2012

Rob & David Cronenberg's Interview with "Moviepilot" (Germany)

 Starts at 0:33, Rob's Interview 0:54.
Talks about his character. Talks about his career perspective after Twilight's success.
Rob talks about the Cosmopolis script, "it's quite complex... I like the lyricism of the script when I first read it, but in terms of really understanding it. I didn't really get it until we started shooting, then I started getting the rhythm and feeling of it..."
@melcitron | RPLife

Some parts of the Q and A are the same as the first vid. Rob talks about his fave scene to shoot (with PaulG) at 1:19. At 2:18, Rob talks about Mission:Blacklist. 
"The movie  doesn't have a title yet...(shooting) next couple of months."

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