Jul 13, 2012

BD Part 2 at ComicCon 2012: Interviews

Rob and Kristen - Sunrise7 Australia
Rob and Kristen Fox 5 San Diego
Rob and Kristen - More from HitFix
Kristen and Taylor's- MTV

Rob, Kristen TwiCast - Alicia Malone's Movie Minute (Same as Popsugar/Different angle)
Kristen with E!
Rob with MTV
Access Hollywood
Extra TV
Screenslam (Same as Popsugar, different angle)
OntheRedCarpet + Vid of Kristen posing/photocall
PopSugar (Mackenzie)

Kristen talked to Taryn/Celebuzz about Cali:
“Oh man, I’m talking to Nick everyday, we’re still figuring some stuff out,” said Stewart. So is she really going to get in “porn star” shape? “Yeah man! I will be hitting the gym. Hard.” she said. 

All after the CUT!

Sunrise7 Australia
At 2:18 Rob talks about BD2's large cast, the film's special effects, and the ending of the Saga.

Kristen talks about Bella "I don't think she is prone to fantasy I think she is a very pragmatic person..."
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Some parts are from MovieBytes/Other HitFix Interview
New bits at 1:39 and 2:45
HitFix"It's strange that suddenly [at] 26, that you suddenly feel like, 'Oh, I'm actually not a kid anymore,'" said the "Twilight" thesp as he chatted it up on the Comic-Con press line for "Breaking Dawn - Part 2." "So you're really playing like not a kid, I mean I felt sort of older than everyone, even though I'm not older than anyone. But it's strange, especially when Mackenzie [Foy, who plays Edward and Bella's daughter Renesmee] is...like her full, her own height and everything, and I'm going, 'I've got an 11-year-old child? Wow! I'm in this category of actors now, I'm playing like 40-year-olds!'"


 Fox5 San Diego. 
Kristen ''I feel like I gave it absolutely every last drop, squeezed every last drop of my soul into [this movie], I feel ready to walk away. I still love thinking about it. I feel like we did our best so it`s fine that it’s done.” “You see her just lose herself in [the experience] and not be able to deny it and then [she] actually becomes somebody who can own it and becomes comfortable in it. At the end she`s gotten everything that she wants it`s the most satisfying experience.”
Rob - “The first time [at Comic-Con] was literally the first time I`ve experienced the kind of enormous crowds,” Robert Pattinson said. “I remember being bewildered afterwards and thinking ‘what`s happened? What have I done?’” 

new part starts 1:50


 MTV Kristen talks about the fans' energy at Comic Con "Being able to share with these guys, the fans, [they] are an ever-present, motivating, reassuring thing," 

 Taylor's Interview - Mentions Kristen

MTV"I think it was just one day [of shooting]. So it was a long day of being tossed around in the backyard, but it was fun," Lautner said. "Kristen is impressive in it. I think the fans will love her chucking me across the yard and stuff. It's a hilarious scene."
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Alice Malone's Movie Minute - Same as PopSugar/Different angle.

Mackenzie on Rob and Kristen as parents. "I think they're both really good parents...or will be."

 OTRC - Kristen talks about how much the Saga ending means to her, "one of the most bittersweet experiences." Kristen on her fans "we share something...Its just cool that we're doing this together."

OTRC - Rob talks BD2, mentions the battle scene "It's different." And moving on after Twilight's success, "I'm trying to do the best I can and hopefully they'll get financed because of the great Twilight fans."

 Kristen posing

Kristen talks ComicCon experience and being part of the Twilight franchise

Rob's MTV Interview
Rob reflects on his Twilight journey, what he loves about CC "It's one of like the big premieres, you can have interaction with them(fans) in premieres there's only screaming...its a high intensity show.  First impression... "I was incredibly insecure in the beginning...I've never done an American movie before...and everyone was more experienced than me, pretty much..."

And talks about playing a 'relaxed and adult Edward', "Its a strange experience suddenly making that transition to being...and playing fathers of 11-year-olds suddenly when you're playing a 17-year-old for five years."

Movie Bytes Interview
Starts at 1:45. Rob talks Edward as main character, 'Prince Charming' "Are we talking about the same movie?" lol. Kristen on VampBella "She is best vampire, because she has like super self-control..."

AP (Showbiz411) Longer interview.
Kristen talks Bella as a "well-rounded vampire" Rob talks about the different BD2 ending compared to the book.

Showbiz411 - Rob talks Edward being a dad. "I really didn't do many dad stuff because, Mackenzie is like 11y/o in 20 minutes..."

Showbiz411 - Rob, Kristen, and Taylor.

Kristen talks about being excited about ComicCon, and sharing stuffs with fans (clips). Rob its still unbelievable, the fact that there are still 6,000 people outside...there is absolutely no change at all...It's amazing."

Thanks veronicaspuffy 

Rob talks about still being surprised and excited being part of the Saga at ComicCon

Kristen- Screenslam/Same as Popsugar (different angle)

Mackenzie Interview. On what she learned from Kristen "I learned the most from watching her."

"Rob did a lot of cool things."

Kristen's fave thing about CC "unleashing new footage" and identifying with the fans' excitement. Rob remembers his first CC, 'boxers or briefs' question...

Princess Leia poll..."I like classic Leia to be honest, gold bikini Leia is obvious.



Rob talks about Cosmopolis and would want to see Edward turn 'evil' should there be more Twilight movies, E/B fighting like Mr. and Mrs. Smith.


Kristen talks about her 'Barbara Bui' sneakers, says she still needs to do voice over for BD2, final version not ready yet. And says she's excited about whatever Stephenie Meyer intends to do more about her character, should there be future Twifilms.

Rob mentions quitting smoking. He also talks his first ComicCon and his last day on the Twilight set.
Kristen comments about her topping the new Forbes list (highest paid actresses) "Definitely not sitting on that stuff" but says she's lucky to have this access, power and she's going to use it right. Talks about her 'indulgence' in shoes "I'm like a sneaker addict". Talks about her practice on motherhood as Bella "It's eye-opening, oddly" "I love kids but they intimidate me..." talks about sweet Mackenzie "she's steady."
Tay talks about giving Rob "a run for his money" about being a better dad. "But he did a good job."
Mackenzie says Kristen would be an "amazing mom, super sweet and super nice, helps you in life, The best mom" and Rob would be an "awesome" father.  Mom or Daddy' girl? "I would be more of an in-between child."
Ashley says Kristen as VampBella did an "incredible job" and she looks "terrifying".


Kristen talks about VampBella " I feel that she's a pretty rounded version of a vampire."
She's fully-fromed, she's an adult. Its like breaking in a new car, suddenly realizing I can drive real fast"
Talks about the difference between playing HumanBella and VampBella, speaking like 'wind chimes'.
"It helps that I've grown, as well, with it. I feel  a little bit more placed, sturdily placed."


Rob on the ending of the Saga "I really don't know if I'm standing on the precipice yet..."
Talks about his first CC experience. He mentions the "enormous battle at the end" and "the sweetest, sentimental lovely thing, the most emotional thing" that BillC did at the end as farewell for all the fans.
Talks about VampBella and the "different tone like sci-fi" of the last movie.
Rob on Edward as a father "I really think he's a good dad. He's alright"


Kristen talks about her fave part, "the first hunt". Kristen talks about her fanbase "I think its different for every movie" , commonality with fans "I really don't feel like I'm on a different level with them at all."  Talks about BD2 as the most exciting "little fiercer, little bit harder." and some changes they did in the movie "Wait, till you see it." and the sweet ending for the fans. Talks about the fans support with Snow White. Mentions that she would love to work again with Catherine, Chris (Weitz), Bill, Rob, and Taylor.


Rob on the Twilight franchise. "It has given me a life that I never thought I would be having at all."
He talks about the end of the movie "its very sentimental I didn't expect myself to react the way I did."
He jokes about coming back to ComicCon dressed up as Edward., Also talks about Kristen  going through the pains of being a vampire," It was quite vindicating having her complain about it all the time." "We've already invented the vampire logic"

Access Hollywood

Kristen talks about saying goodbye to the Saga. And reacting to Stephenie Meyer apologizing for all the craziness that Twilight brought to their lives "I'll tell her she's ridiculous. Its not so bad, I think its actually great. Its better if you actually show how you're feeling than like faking a smile."

Access Hollywood

Rob talks about coming back to CC as a guest in a "Chewbacca outfit or something..."
He also talks about the Twifandom. On being Christian in 'Fifty Shades of Grey' "Apparently, the author completely ruled me out anyway. (laughing)"

Mackenzie talks Rob and Kristen playing her parents "They are super sweet in real life, amazing actors, amazing people and I'm very lucky to work with them."

Rob and Kristen's Interview with ExtraTV

They talk about the first ComicCon and Kristen as the new vampire. Kristen on playing a mom to Renesmee "I'm intimidated by kids although I love them, they're great...".
Kristen talks about bonding with Rob and Taylor. And on working together again "Oh dude, we will work together again. Yeah....We need to keep doing this together,"
Rob on writing a script for him and Kristen to star in. "I'm trying to write stufs all the time...I'd love to definitely. And also there are so many parts that Kristen is so perfect for..Its so easy to cast her."
Kristen on being the highest paid actress

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