Jul 26, 2011

Latest News on "Snow White": Some Production Updates

Producer Palak Patel answered a few fan's questions on Twitter after the ComicCon panel on Saturday.

"Yes, the entire cast will have an English accent. #SWATH"

"UK@Paolastef: @palakspatel In which countries are you going to shoot ?” "

"All over UK.@ellegreene10: Will filming take place exclusively in London or are you planning filming in other UK locations?”"

"Of course!@mddeese: Will u keep the fans updated during filming? #SWATH#snowwhite"
Aw what a nice guy!

From @imoviei:
" will shoot in London, around London, Wales, Cumbia, Scotland and possibly Alberta or BC"

If you missed the first official stills, go here.

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