Jul 18, 2011

Billy Burke Talks About Bella and Kristen Stewart

Billy - He’s a dad that misses his daughter and probably beats himself up 
constantly wishing he’d have done more to keep her and her mother around. I 
don’t think there’s anything he wouldn’t do to make Bella happy and to have her 
back in his life. However, as with many parent/child relationships, sometimes
 neither parent nor child has the balls to step up and say out loud how much they 
love and appreciate the other despite their harsh pasts and stupid differences.  I 
applaud all of us who make it past the age of 17 and maintain any sort of 
meaningful relationship with our parents.

Photobucket Lexicon - Have you met with Kristen Stewart?  How does that 
father/daughter relationship on screen influence your relationship off 
Billy -  Well here’s a “funny” story. I met her for the first time on the plane up to 
Portland. I tapped her on the shoulder and said “ Hi. I’m your dad”. She thought I 
was a stalker. Despite that, since then I think we’ve gotten along pretty well. I 
think she’s an extremely rare talent.  

Lexicon - You obviously know more about Bella’s life, then Charlie does, 
do you feel as though Bella should tell Charlie about the Vampires? Why? 
Billy -  From the moment I finished the script I have felt that Charlie already 
knows. How could he not??  Oh well… I’m not the writer.

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