May 5, 2011

Kristen Out & About With Bear In New York City (May 4, 2011)





CelebrityGossip Braving the rainy conditions, Kristen Stewart was spotted walking her newly-adopted dog Bear in New York City today (May 4). The “Adventureland” actress looked hip in a black jacket, blue v-neck, skinny jeans and white sneakers as she held Bear’s leash in one hand, and a shopping bag in the other.
On Monday night Kristen joined a plethora of big name celebrities at the 2011 Costume Designers Met Gala.
Miss Stewart was dressed for the affair by the Proenza Schouler design duo of Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough, who also doubled as her dates.
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  More about Bear
Tim3toLove "About Bear: It's both Rob and Kristen's dog. According to Rob's dad, they adopted him together. My friend and I spoke to him when Rob was taping at Regis and Kelly and he told us that Rob and Kristen adopted him." 
As per AlineTeston | rinny112 at kstewartfans | via victoria1985

"I thought I would get a dog. Then wherever the dog was would kind of be my home." Robert Pattinson in the ElleUK interview

Aw Bear's dog tag says "Bear", how cute is that?

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