Aug 9, 2012

Update on the status of 'Robsteners'

Hello everyone!

I am sorry but we have decided to take some time off of blogging and put the status of this blog on hiatus.

Let us assure you the decision is not only based on the recent developements. Of course we are saddened by what happened and there are a lot of emotions we are going through right now. We still support them but we're gonna take that time off to make sure that when we pick up blogging again, we can do so with our whole heart in it. 

The second reason for this decision is simply time management. All of us are busy with school and jobs, family and friends and other activities in our everyday lives. We have absolutely loved to blog for you guys thus far but we all agreed a while ago that we don't want our passion for RK to compromise our real lives. So this is what we decided to do.

All we can say is that this is most likely not our final goodbye. We will still be around, cheering our boy and girl on from the sidelines and being proud and happy fans. We cannot wait for Breaking Dawn Part 2 Promo and hope to find ourselves at some Premiere ourselves. And someday we will maybe be back on here again but until that day comes, everyone be respectful and supportive of the two wonderful people we all love that are going through a bit of a rough time right now.

With love,

The Robsteners Team


  1. Thanks!!! for shareing as much as you can of Kristen and Rob =) as a huge fan of Kristen of her work I hope so much things will work out for her and Rob... As these both share a love that can be seen through their eyes when they are together, small touches, looks they give to each other when no one seems to be looking. I wanted to say how much Kristen has inspired me in my life and would love to share her my story to kristen, just maybe she would know how much she is meant.. I hope the best for them both.. =)

  2. Thank You so much Malorie!

    On behalf of the other girls i just wanna thank you for your support and no matter what happen between our Kristen and Rob we will keep supporting them.


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