Aug 9, 2012

Update on the status of 'Robsteners'

Hello everyone!

I am sorry but we have decided to take some time off of blogging and put the status of this blog on hiatus.

Let us assure you the decision is not only based on the recent developements. Of course we are saddened by what happened and there are a lot of emotions we are going through right now. We still support them but we're gonna take that time off to make sure that when we pick up blogging again, we can do so with our whole heart in it. 

The second reason for this decision is simply time management. All of us are busy with school and jobs, family and friends and other activities in our everyday lives. We have absolutely loved to blog for you guys thus far but we all agreed a while ago that we don't want our passion for RK to compromise our real lives. So this is what we decided to do.

All we can say is that this is most likely not our final goodbye. We will still be around, cheering our boy and girl on from the sidelines and being proud and happy fans. We cannot wait for Breaking Dawn Part 2 Promo and hope to find ourselves at some Premiere ourselves. And someday we will maybe be back on here again but until that day comes, everyone be respectful and supportive of the two wonderful people we all love that are going through a bit of a rough time right now.

With love,

The Robsteners Team

Jul 23, 2012

MASTER POST: Teen Choice Awards 2012


Kristen wore blue-and-silver printed single button blazer with black contrast lapels and a pair of side panel leather skinny pants from the Resort 2013 collection by Roberto Cavalli and double-scoop, off-white Fluxus tee. More @FashionCourt

Rob wore a black zipped up jacket from the Spring 2013 collection by KOMAKINO jacket, Marc Jacobs floral printed cotton and silk-blend short sleeve shirt, slim jeans and a matching pair of leather Converse sneakers. More @FashionCourt 

Ultimate Choice Award - The Twilight Saga Cast
Choice Movie Romance - The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1
Choice Movie Actress Romance - Kristen Stewart Breaking Dawn – Part 1

Choice Movie Actress of the Summer - Kristen Stewart - Snow White and the Huntsman
(via GossipCop)

All pictures & videos after the CUT!

Jul 22, 2012

Rob in "20 Minuten: Friday" Magazine (June Issue)

image host image host image host

Nothing new in the article, just quoting interviews from Cannes.

Some quotes from the 3rd page: "Robert's World"
- When he sees his hometown London through the airplane window, he gets all teary.
- He's afraid of having to dance.
- He thinks UGG boots are horrible.
- He likes playing darts.
- He's a fan of Arsenal London.
- He was bad at school: "I've never done any homework."
- Well guarded: At the second "Twilight" premiere he was protected by 25 bodyguards.
- He says: "I can't remember having ever done anything romantic."

HQ Screencaps: Robsteners | Source

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